Wednesday, November 16, 2011

So they got a CogSci degree, then what?

Staying true to my word that I'd share the futures of our graduates with degrees in Cognitive Science at SUNY Oswego, below is rough outline of a few of their post-grad stories (there names shall remain anonymous):

1. R.L.-
  • Worked for a while as a research assistant in a neuroscience lab.

  • Then worked as a computer programmer for quite a while.

  • He recently started his “dream job” of doing Web programming in a dialect of Lisp called Clojure.

  • He is also enrolled in the Computational Linguistics masters degree program at Brandeis University

2. W.W.-
  • Earned an MLS (Master of Library Science) degree from the University at Buffalo. She is now a librarian at RIT.
3. L.D.-
  • Works in the computer programming field in the Washington D.C. area. Earned an on-line masters degree in Computer Science from RIT.

4. A.D.-
  • PhD Candidate, Psychology Department at Queens University.
5. K.D-
  • Earned HCI masters degree from Oswego. Works in IT at Oswego.
6. J.N.-
  • Earned masters degrees in HCI at Oswego, Computational Linguistics at Buffalo, Artificial Intelligence at Edinburgh.
  • Currently enrolled in a PhD program at in AI at the University of Amherst.

7. M.N.-
  • Works in the IT field. Just enrolled in a graduate program in Computer Science at Syracuse University.
8. B.P.-
  • Champagn-Urbana. Works in the Adult Learning Laboratory. Enrolled in the PhD program in Psychology at the University of Illinois.
9. D.S.-
  • Works in the IT field.
10. E.T.
  • Enrolled in PhD program in Psychology at SUNY Stony Brook. Her research focusses on neuroscience.
11. D.P.
  • Enrolled in a Computer Science Masters degree program at Syracuse University.
12. M.H.-
  • Recently started a job at the University of Rochester as some sort of a research assistant – doing lots with SPSS. Has every intention of finding her way into a PhD program eventually.
13. J.M.
  • Recently enrolled in the HCI Masters degree program at Oswego.


  • Three recent graduates from Oswego who minored in Cognitive Science are enrolled in the HCI Masters degree program.


  • A number of students who are currently enrolled at Oswego as Cognitive Science majors plan to enroll in the HCI Masters degree program when the graduate.
So there you have it. Now try something just for fun. Envision your future then add a comment below on what you'd like your short future description to say about you, whether it pertains directly to CogSci or not. Creating a vision for yourself is a great way to positively affirm your future dreams and goals.