Thursday, September 8, 2011

Why Cog Sci

I came into Oswego first semester freshman year undeclared not knowing what I wanted to do at all. The next three semesters I attempted three different majors. The final one was Cognitive Science. After taking a psychology class in high school I had been interested in possibly focusing on that in college, but I wasn’t sold on it. After switching my major so many times, my advisor suggested for me to look through the undergraduate book at all of my options. When I came across Cognitive Science it caught my attention. Just by reading the names of the classes it appeared that most of them would be fun and interesting to learn about. Yes, I was terrified of the computer science classes because I knew nothing about programming. My first Cog class was Brains, Minds, and Consciousness. It was my earliest class but it was so intriguing I found myself actually wanting to wake up and go to class every day. Just after taking that first Cog. Sci. class I knew I wanted to keep this major and that I would be able to push through the computer science courses. Every Cognitive Science course I have taken since has just further expanded my interest in the subject area. There is so much to learn about the mind. Cognitive Science has helped me to better understand the way I think, and the way others around me might think. There has been nothing that made me regret having Cognitive Science as my major. It is such a wide variety of interesting subject areas that all work together to understand how the mind works. I am so glad I stumbled across Cognitive Science and that it is my major!


  1. How was it trying to catch up with, or rush, any of the classes needed to graduate on time?

  2. Are there any courses that you took that you did not like?

  3. As an undeclared student who has an interest in declaring psych but still not certain and open to choices(such as Cog Sci), I am interested in what truly pushed you completely away from Psych. and towards Cog Sci?

  4. I think the only thing I really needed to catch up on was my gen. ed's, because I had taken classes that were for the other majors I tried that ended up not counting for anything. I ended up taking two classes over this past summer and that was all I needed to catch up to be able to graduate on time.
    I can't say I really liked computer science, but it wasn't so bad that I couldn't make it through.
    I am actually a double major, and psychology is my other major. I was interested in psych but it was not so interesting that I thought I would want to pursue a career in psychology. Cognitive Science covers a broader range of topics and I find it more interesting than just psychology.