Thursday, October 6, 2011

Touching on CogSci classes

Hello again! I hope you enjoyed my last few posts. I’ve noticed that a lot of you have asked many questions about the classes you would have to take being a Cognitive Science major. So I will touch briefly on my favorite class and mention the computer science classes everyone is worried about.

My favorite CogSci class was probably COG 266 – Brains, Minds and Consciousness. I think this is because it discusses all of the juicy details about what Cognitive Science really entails and it covers them in great detail. It keeps you engaged and interested throughout the majority of the course and helps you develop concepts that are widely used in other CogSci courses.

I have noticed that a lot of you are scared of CSC 212 and 241. Computer programming is one of those things that can be incredibly intimidating. However, the teachers here are well qualified to teach this class. The class is there to teach you how to use a programming language called Java. In my opinion, Java is, by far, the easiest programming language to understand and use. It can still be a pain at times like any programming language can be, but its concepts are well taught and stated in a manner that makes it somewhat easy to grasp. Having a computer science background, I truly know that there are some other programming languages that are much more trouble-some and difficult. It is true that these classes could possibly be the hardest in the Cognitive Science program, but there are a ton of students who enroll in these classes and pass them every semester! So, try them out and when you pass them, you will realize that they weren’t that bad and then you will have a skill that not a lot of people possess: actually being able to program a computer!

Just remember that you are not alone in these classes. Use your resources such as the people around you and your teacher! Teachers are not out to get you, and believe it or not, they really do want to see you pass! Also, remember that literally all classes taught here at SUNY Oswego are passable! It is all up to you to see that you actually do.


  1. Many jobs out there have moved toward storing everything on computers and have become completely technological do you think it is a big advantage to know computer programing when applying for jobs when you graduate?

  2. You explain COG266 - Brains, Minds, and Consciousness as essentially the guts of cognitive science. What topics discussed in this course did you enjoy the most?

  3. You mention that CSC 212 and 241 are possibly the hardest classes in the cognitive science program. I am just wondering what it is about these classes that makes them more difficult for students than other classes in the cognitive science program?

  4. Would you say that the computer science aspect of cognitive science involves a lot of memorization then application? or is it a kind of mathematical subject?